Morso Wood Stove the Best Choice for the Kitchen

Jun 19th

As the UK wood burning stove market continues to grow it is not surprising to see that Morso wood stove is set to release the ever popular Morso range S10 to England. This product is currently available in Denmark and the company now believes it’s time to give consumers a taste of the series S10 UK. So what details were available about Morso Stoves S1040?


We know that Morso wood stove this is a contemporary stove constructed with steel and has a heat output of 5 kW. We also know that this model is suitable for townhouses, cottages, traditional houses modern and comfortable in almost any environment. This is the type of stove that on the surface has a contemporary look and feel while behind a glass panel to look great sitting latest technology in burning stove.

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High efficiency, heat output is relatively high, contemporary look and feel with the latest stove combustion technology, what more could we ask for? There may be minor tweaks to the original Danish version of which sells as Morso wood stove but there is no doubt that Morso Wood Stove Burning S1040 is set to cause a ripple in the UK cooker market in the next few weeks. Morso has a reputation that few other stove manufacturers in the world can compete with and offer excellent value for money through a variety of traditional stoves.